Merry-go-spica: McGuffey Park’s funky new toys

As part of McGuffey Park's $679,000 face-lift, ten new pieces of designer play equipment will be available for children to enjoy come September–-if they can figure out how they work!

As you can see, the new play equipment will be unlike anything local toddlers have seen. In addition to the more traditional slide, sand area, and swing-sets, there will be three pogo-stick like "Spicas," a yellow plunger-like "Spinner Bowl," and a rotating "Nest" to replace the merry-go-round. According to the manufacturer's specs, all three Spicas move in different ways, and a child must experiment in order to "master its rotations." Not surprisingly, the company that makes the new play equipment, Kompan, was founded by a sculptural artist and child development specialist.

A late edition to the park design, according to Jordan Phemister of Siteworks, the firm designing the park, is a "water play wall." Phemister says the wall will have a recirculating system that can be turned on with the push of a button, which, for five-minute intervals, will make the water flow through the joints in the recycled granite wall and collect in a basin.

"The source of water will be contained with in the wall and be mostly hidden from view, creating a 'weeping' effect," says Phemister

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wow i really dont like that kind of stuf it looks very dumb i can say that