Gillespie leaves party post for White House

Ed Gillespie, we hardly knew ye. Six-and-a-half months after the GOP politico became new chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, he announced today that he is resigning from the statewide party. In a letter posted on the party website, Gillespie announced that he will succeed longtime George W. Bush aide Dan Bartlett as the new Counselor to the President.

"Obviously," Gillespie writes, "if seven months ago I had any idea that I would be asked to serve our President and our country in this new capacity less than a year after being elected to lead the RPV, I would never have sought the chairmanship."

It may not be the last the Old Dominion sees of the new-old GOP chief. As UVA politics professor and pundit Larry Sabato said in the Hook's March feature on Gillespie, "It's been speculated that Ed has some political ambitions of his own, and so perhaps he sees this as a way into a GOP nomination for office in Virginia." That speculation has been echoed today by the Associated Press in their report on Gillespie's new position.



It's not like you're obligated to say yes, moron. Don't play humble with us. Your close association with Der Fuhrer Busche is not going to win you much support anywhere in this country anymore. Some simple math proves that much. Go back to Moronville.

At the same time, the "President's" "Counselor" is a dog and pony show. It's the folks at Bilderberg, CFR, IMF, Windsor Palace, etc. who call the shots. This is a complete non-issue. That's the idea. Keep you distracted with non-news. That way, you're not talking about real issues. GO READ THE ARTICLES.

Virginia loves the GOP. Go GOP.

I agree with the first comemment, this EG guy is a moron