Surveillance cameras on the Mall?

Charlottesville police have again raised the idea of installing surveillance cameras on the Downtown Mall, at an estimated cost of $300,000, the DP reports. Of course, police say they will deter crime, but one City Councilor likens it to '1984.' Expect a big debate on this one. In the meantime, couldn't police just use the Hookcam?


1984 was a wonderful year. I'm all for Big Brother trying to clean up this village.

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime is death."

Hopefully, the cameras will record who is pocketing all those $2 bills at CPC! The stockholders surely haven't been paid - not even a fifth of Virginia Gentleman and "carte blanche" for a free Sunday jam session at the Water Street lot. What's next, Predator drones to monitor who walks the Lawn? The city needs to spend its money wisely, not jump on the surveillance bandwagon.

I figured it all out. The camera is looking for Shelly, Jeff, Brian, Sue or Mary Grace, Alexa, Terry and Jennifer but not Priscilla. Virg was not invited to come by. He didnt need to because the cameras already watch him daily when out of town.