Some recent local videos…

How entertaining is Charlottesville? Very. To give an idea of just a fraction of the fun that has occurred in the past few months, we hereby present six recent short videos of entertainment in our town.You'll see a pair of Monster Trucks competing on March 9 at John Paul Jones Arena in which Black Stallion appears to defeat Pure Adrenaline.

[youtube width="225" height="150"]fdgVJveOzhE[/youtube]

You'll see a few moments of clever dribbling by the Harlem Globetrotters in their March 16 defeat of perennial opponents the New York Nationals.

You'll see Bonnie Raitt singing part of "Matters of the Heart" at her April 22 performance at the Charlottesville Pavilion. At the request of Pavilion manager Kirby Hutto, this short low-rez shot-from-seat video has been removed (even though there are over 400 other Raitt videos at YouTube and even though the 57-year-old Raitt sounded great in Charlottesville).

[youtube width="225" height="150"]ZaGR2WNIrgM[/youtube]

You'll see dozens of cyclists from the Tour of Virginia rolling down Second Street West as they compete April 29 in that multi-day, adrenaline-packed event formerly known as the Tour of Shenandoah.

[youtube width="225" height="150"]hW-gQfDlSug[/youtube]

Although there were some power-house gallery openings June 1 including ones for Festival of the Photograph headliners Bill Allard, Sally Mann, and Eugene Richards, one show that really packed a crowd into the C&O Gallery was collected photographs by Bill Emory, seen here shooting his latest photo.