PVCC unveils new brand, logo

Approaching its 35th birthday, Piedmont Virginia Community College officials have decided to revamp the school's image with a new logo and a new "brand" identity. PVCC: Opportunity. Access. Excellence, reads the tagline. While the old logo presents a green maze-like design, the new logo employs a stylish blue 'swoosh' that "symbolizes PVCC's location and scenic campus on a rolling hillside in Albemarle County," according to a press release.

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I am all for updating a tired design, but not impressed with this effort.
Design critique:
--Too much emphasis on italics. The logo looks lopsided and leans heavily.
--The overused "Swoosh" has gone the way of 1998. Overall, it could have been done much better and modernized.
--Too much text in the logo. Logos are exclusively visual. The picture should do the talking, not the text. If you want text, invent a font to convey the message -- see Microsoft's logo. Also, lean, horizontal logos work better than the fat & stacked -- see Coke, Nike, etc.
--The three-point tagline has also become passÃ?Æ?©. It reminds me of Wranglers old campaign: Real. Comfortable. Jeans.
--Color scheme fails to pop. Curious to see how this translates to B&W besides just color. All logos have to be flexible enough for 4-color as well as black and white.