HookCast for June 28, 2007

The legend(s) of Camp Wahoo, Fat fines for Virginia drivers, Lethal wrecks again

When giants roamed: Camp Wahoo put Hooville on the basketball map– and it's back!
For several summers in the '60s, the campus of Miller School in western Albemarle became a basketball mecca when Camp Wahoo went to an all-roundball format and attracted the likes of Jerry West and Pete Maravich. Now, after a 40-year hiatus, the camp has returned and has reverted to its original multi-sport format, bringing the camp back to the Charlottesville area and bringing four generations of one family together in the name of having fun.

Sticker shock: New laws promise fat fines
Think traffic tickets take a bite out of your bank account? Starting July 1, they just might swallow it whole– but only if you're a Virginia resident. That's the result of a new state law that tacks hefty civil fees on already-existing traffic fines for certain driving infractions committed by Virginia drivers on Virginia roads. 20 mph over the speed limit? $200 for out of staters, $1250 if you live in the Commonwealth. What's the logic? The state senator who wrote the law explains.

Wheels of misfortune: Far from home, Lethal wrecks again
It's happened again. Eighteen months after an Albemarle County man was nearly killed in a collision with a Lethal Wrecker tow truck on Route 250 near Keswick, another man has been critically injured by a Lethal wrecker, this time near Durham, North Carolina. According to Durham police, the accident occurred at 8:50pm on June 6, on Interstate 85, the highway that runs southwest from Richmond through Durham and Charlotte and ends near Montgomery, Alabama.

No flier zone: Time cited in new 'backpack mail' ban
This fall, the load of papers coming home with Albemarle County kids in backpack mail will be lighter: no Boy Scouts recruitments, no YMCA sign-ups, no mention of vacation Bible school. And no fliers touting atheist camp. In the end, distributing religious and nonreligious materials through the schools was miring teachers, principals, administrators, and the Albemarle School Board in controversy.

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