Unsolved mystery: how Wal-Mart helps biz

The Daily Progress offered a puzzling ending to this morning's story about the growing local presence of Wal-Mart: a Darden's prof's statement that the Arkansas empire might actually help local businesses. Unfortunately, the Progress reporter and editors, apparently so tickled by the provocative quotation, immediately terminated the story without explaining how Wal-Mart helps nearby businesses.


Last time I checked, the Charlottesville Wal-Mart was sitting all alone in a sea of asphalt.

no, there is that Sam's club right next door, and people surely make that walk all the time

Maybe because the eight gazillion shoppers going into Wal-Mart will be passing -- and possibly entering -- nearby businesses? I know newspapers are supposed to write to a fifth-grade education or whatever, but that seems obvious enough without needing explanation.