Letter to Hook makes news, prompts FBI visit

After the Hook revealed that its editors had received a letter from alleged hold-up man Jeffrey Alan Adams, in which he appears to apologize for attempting to rob the Union Bank & Trust on the Downtown Mall June 1, CBS19 News showed up in the Hook's editorial office to film a segment for their June 27 evening broadcast.

"It was just too interesting of a story to pass up," said CBS19 reporter Philip Stewart, who discovered the story on the Hook's new blog.

The segment featured choice selections from Adams' letter, including commentary from the Hook's Dave McNair, and elicited a few chuckles from Stewart and evening anchor Dan Schutte.

"We don't know if the letters are going to be subpoenaed or how that plays into his defense or prosecution," McNair told CBS19. "Right now it's still sort of a mystery to us."

The mystery ended the day after the segment aired, as an FBI agent called and then showed up at the Hook newsroom requesting the original letter. However, editor Hawes Spencer refused to hand over the letter without a subpoena.

"While it was tempting to simply hand-over the letter," said Spencer, "since Adams clearly wanted to get his message across, we felt it set a bad precedent if a news organizations were to hand over something so readily. It's important to the freedom of the press that the press distance itself from law enforcement."

Adams and his alleged accomplice John Joseph Amann, both from Fredericksburg, pleaded not guilty at their arraignment in U.S. District Court on June 13. Both men are facing federal charges. A trial date has not yet been set. At blog post time, the Hook had yet to receive a subpoena requesting Adams' original letter.

Full text of Adams' letter:

Dear Editors,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend;

My sincere apologies to the employees of Union Bank & Trust and its customers, and to the people and City of Charlottesville,

My professional respect of the Police Department for its fine and swift actions,

And my compliments to the keenly observant Mr. Cory Jordan, with my sincere hopes that, at the very least, the City of Charlottesville will ensure his continued employment with a promotion and a raise in pay. If there is a cash reward, he certainly deserves one, and I hope that his reputation among the young ladies of Charlottesville as a decisive young (and handsome) man of action precedes him.

Incidentally, I prefer coffee only in the coldest of months. Splendora's is an excellent place to enjoy a bottle of water before one must go to work.

In closing, I would like to say that I would replace Forget Yourself with Uninvited, Like the Clouds, the 2006 release by the tragically under-recognized Aussie quartet The Church, add anything by SigÆ?ÂŒr Ros, as well as Everyone Into Position from the awe-inspiring British rockers Oceansize.

However, I maintain that Talk Talk's Laughing Stock is the single finest recording in modern popular music, and is essential to any personal library and bears daily, repeated listening.

I remain,

Jeffrey A. Adams


Sounds like he's totally sane. Yes, sane.

sounds like matthew farrell.