HookCast for July 5, 2007

Jack & Anna, Parking ban hits home for activist, Seccuro case stalled?

Jack & Anna: Remembering the czar of Charlottesville eccentrics
He was famous for being himself– and for marrying one of the most enigmatic women of the 20th century, someone who claimed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia. This week, the Hook profiles a true Charlottesville character, Jack Manahan. Just what made the man who loved "Anastasia" a true original?

Hitting home: Activist's street made target of parking ban
When the city put up signs around Friendship Court and public housing complexes on South First Street prohibiting overnight parking, Eugene Williams objected. Now Williams, a 79-year-old retired landlord and civil rights activist, finds his own street on the do-not-park list, and he's having trouble getting specifics about the new rules.

No arrests: Has Seccuro case hit a wall?
In December, a prosecutor in what's become known as the "12-step-rape" case made a stunning revelation, after William N. Beebe pled guilty to reduced charges over what happened in the 1984 UVA fraternity house incident: that other assaults occurred thatat night in the same fraternity. Eight months later, however, there have been no arrests. Is Beebe holding up his end of the deal with the Commonwealth's Attorney?

Police-cam: Safety or Big Brother downtown?

A proposal to put 30 security cameras on the Downtown Mall has civil libertarians crying "Big Brother" and questioning claims that eyes-in-the-sky will make the Mall safer. Police contend the cameras will prevent and help solve crimes. What security cameras will not do: send police to the rescue of Joe Citizen in his moment of need.

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* Jefferson Starship's Paul Kantner dishes on George Harrison, Grace Slick and the heady days of the Summer of Love