Sheehan to march through Charlottesville

The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice announced today that activist and grieving mother Cindy Sheehan will soon march through the Downtown Mall. A rally is set to take place in front of the Ice Park on Friday, July 20 at 6pm. The event is part of Sheehan's "Journey for Humanity" march/drive, which begins today near President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, and will end July 29 in New York's Central Park.

The stop will not be Sheehan's first time visiting Charlottesville. In May 2006, she spoke to a crowd of approximately 200 at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Performing Arts Center. (The photo above, by Billy Hunt, came from that event.)

Sheehan has become one of the higher profile protesters of the Iraq War after her son Army Spc. Casey Sheehan was killed in action during fighting in Baghdad on April 4, 2004. A year later, Sheehan famously camped in front of the president's Crawford ranch hoping to meet personally with Bush, but the meeting never came to pass.

Recently, Sheehan's name has been in the news again after telling the Associated Press this weekend that she would run for Congress in California's San Francisco-based 8th District against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, should the Democrats fail to introduce articles of impeachment against President Bush by the time her march reaches Washington on July 23.



The last time I heard of Cindy Sheehan, she was camping outside of the Bush Ranch in Texas, and was vowing to stay put until Bush came out and spoke with her? Did that happen?

Aren't her 15 minutes up yet? She long ago abandoned any hope she ever had of being taken seriously. Of course, the media still pick up her quotes, mostly because they'll pick up any body's quotes.

Big friggin' deal!!! Who cares if she walks, crawls or skips all the way to D.C.? I left New Mexico December 17, 2006 walking to D.C. and I just got here three weeks ago tonight...and I did it without all the hoopla and road support that she has!

Why did I do it? I got buddies on The Wall...and it was my way to honor them...I've written Ms. Sheehan to tell her about my own walk and that I'm a Vietnam Vet...guess what I got in return...a friggin' form letter thanking me for taking the time for my comments!

Sheesh...I'm one guy that will be PROTESTING her PROTEST while she's here in town!

I predict she'll weather the barbs of the right-wing hecklers who turn out to protest her appearance, only to be beaten severely afterwards by a gang of teenagers wearing white t-shirts.

Mr. Nelson, if you call me I'll get you a chance to sit down and talk with Cindy. She is unbelievably busy and does not have any office of paid staff to help her reply to the thousands of Emails and letters she gets every day. I am certain she did nto send you a form letter because of any disrespect for you but because she didn't have time to know who you were. I'm at 202-329-7847.

Music Lover, if you like Cindy you should try to resist the push of the corporate media to believe that other people won't like her. You might like Ray McGovern or Ann Wright or Rev. Lennox Yearwood or any of the other speakers taking part on the 20th better - either from your own point of view or from your idea of what other people are open to, or both. Check out the full event plan at

Please come and share your thoughts with Cindy and the rest of us in person.

Peace and impeachment,

I had the opportunity to meet Cindy Sheehan last year when she was in Charlottesville. I will admit now that I was a little hesitant at first. Although my heart went out to her, I figured after all the negative things being said about her, at least some of it must be true. Then I met her in person, and she is the nicest, warmest, most genuine person. I adore her now. I'm glad that she is still talking about what is most important to her and taking on the big challenges. I don't know that I would have her courage and commitment, but I admire hers. Even if you have been turned off by the right-wing image of Cindy, please take the time to turn out for the rally next Friday. She is a good person and this is an important cause.

Her 15 minutes were up a long time ago. As someone who does not support the war, I want her to go home. She is not helping her cause any more than Ann Coulter helps Republicans. She should have kept that passive aggressive pledge she made recently and ceased her protests. Alas, the egomaniac attention addict couldn't stay on the wagon long before she got the irresistable urge for some more public grieving. Do us all a favor Cindy, go home!

So how many of you that hate Cindy so much but love this war of lies have lost a loved one in Iraq? Or, how many of you warmongers have actually served in Iraq? And last but not least how many of you chickenhawks have lost a limb or an eye or had a brain injury due to fightinhg in Iraq?
So until you can walk in Cindy's shoes, how about you just shut up and go stand in the corner? And that would be the rethugs that caused this fiasco.

Jan - doesn't seem to be too many warmongers posting here. In fact, there's only one post that might be interpreted that way, unless you are in the camp that believes anybody who doesn't agree 100% with your point of view or who doesn't follow Ms Sheehan blindly is a covert GOP operative Bush-loving fascist. You insult yourself and do nothing to advance your own cause by lashing out like that, carpet-bombing everybody in hopes of hitting a target of value.

Those on the left who take a "my way or the highway" approach, i.e. get out of Iraq immediately or else, are no more realistic than those on the right who think Saddam was behind 9/11 and being in Iraq is our God-given right. The solution to this heinous matter won't come from either extreme, but from people who are able to look at an extremely complex problem and hopefully find a sane solution - likely something between getting out by midnight tonight and staying there indefinitely. It's unlikely this will occur as long as Bush is in the White House - he's just not going to budge no matter what anybody says. You can be pissed about that, in fact you can let it drive you freaking crazy, or you can work to help solve the matter within that framework of reality. It's your choice.

And Stu is right - Sheehan would barely register if she ran against Pelosi.

Well music lover when you feel so strongly about what you believe, use your real name. And I do "lash out" because 60-70% of the American people want out of the fiasco. Not tomorrow, not by midnight but within the next months. Everyone keeps on whining about cut and run, give it more time blah lah blah. The time is now, not waiting around for the "centrists" to sing kum bay ya while our soldiers and marines continue to get slaughtered. We've waited around for 4 years now to "win". Nothing has worked. Bush still keeps us there. Time to get radical. Time to bitch. Time to sit in and march. Unfortunately most Americans are busy shopping and couldn't are less. Probably the only solution is to wait til the criminals get impeached or for a new president.
So I will raise my one little voic at the risk of getting blasted by folks like you.

It's only a matter of time before the US pulls out of Iraq. Americans have never had the stomach to fight a war longer than four years, even the Revolutionary.

For anyone who has children, imagine what it would be like to lose a child in any war, and especially this one based on false information and with no clear mission. I imagine the absolute helpless rage I might feel. I think Sheehan is directing her grief productively, to try to help others, to try to use language and action to stop the violence and killing, to try to change our country's disastrous course. Sheehan is an easy target for all kinds of people -- a lot of the hostility is misplaced, I think, from people who feel confused, helpless, and angry about the war, and some of it is misogyny, an ugly reality as old as war making.

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, another participant in this coming Friday, came to Charlottesville several months ago. Without any doubt, I have never heard any other person express so powerfully, and in a very emotional fashion, his thoughts and feelings on the social cost of this war to the people of our country. Specifically, our children. I strongly recommend that you come out and listen to this man.


I think "" says it all. A "senior consultant" for Sean "Diddy" Coombs? Yeah--that's a real credential!

You far-left nutcases are totally implausible, and you "middle-of-the-roaders" need to make a decision--the middle of the road is where you get hit by a car.

I have two words for you: Ayn Rand

I personally think that her son probably spins in his grave with shame at what his mother is doing.

People like her with no stomach for war are the reason wars last years instead of months.

We lost more men in 3 days at gettysburg than this whole five year joke of a war.

The only real reason to pull out is because the iraqi people are too worthless to help themselves so I say let em kill each other. But we need to destroy everything we built before we go.

Since when have Peace, Justice and Humanity become dirty words?
Degrading the proponents of these concepts and practices adds nothing to the betterment of society. And what is wrong with some common courtesy?
If you can't be part of the solution, you just might be part of the problem.

So she wants impeachment. Let's take a look at that and see if it makes one iota of sense. First there's the House. Could the House pass articles of impeachment? Probably, since it requires a simple majority. It would consume them for a couple of months, and bring everything else to a screeching halt, but it is do-able.

The Senate, however is another story. There is no way, not a chance in hell, that the Senate will vote to convict. It takes a 2/3 majority, and if anybody thinks for one second that any Republicans will vote to impeach Bush they're out of their minds. If they think that 16 Republicans will vote to impeach, they're smoking crack. It's just not within the realm of possibility.

For that reason alone, Pelosi is 100% correct not to consider impeachment. It would waste the Congress's time and America's attention, and NOTHING would come of it - liberals would still think Republicans are idiots and wingnuts would still think Democrats are terrorist-loving wimps, and not only would Bush still be president, he'd then be a STRONGER president after having come through impeachment unscathed.

So what does Sheehan hope to gain here? Nothing practical - if she really thinks impeachment is a viable option, she's just being stupid. It's impossible. Flat-out impossible. If she just wants to make a point, she's wasting her time and ours. The last thing we need or should want is six months of focus on not impeaching Bush. It will make the Dems look even more impotent than they've already made themselves by giving Bush everything he asks for.

And Jan, please read my post above yours, the one you reference as "blasting" you. Where is the blast? Seriously.

Her 15 minutes? I think not. She is an American hero, a patriot, a brilliant and committed human being who WILL beat Pelosi and take her place in Congress and end this do I know? I have a crystal ball. And one of these days, tired of being in a war that can not be won, the American people, ALL of them, even you, will say ENOUGH is ENOUGH as Cindy Sheehan has been saying again and again and again. Ask yourself, have we had ENOUGH of this yet? What more will it take, folks?

I am happy to say "Enough is Enough!" That's not the point. The point is she's NOT a good person to represent the anti-war movement, and she is very ineffective at expressing herself to the non-wacko left. People in the middle - the people who should be targeted for persuasion - just ignore her and change the channel. She's perfectly free to say whatever she wants, but that doesn't mean her "oratory" is going to actually change any body's mind. At this point, she's just preaching to the choir - the rest of the world just shuts her out.

She would get positively trounced in a race with Pelosi. She'd pull in maybe 5% of the vote. I have no idea why anyone would take such plans seriously.

Sometimes it takes a woman's point of view to lead the country.

My goodness, Jan and Music Lover! Can't we all just get along? This is hilarious! You're right, Music Lover--you certainly didn't "blast" Jan; I think her emoter is a little stronger than her thinker, anyway, so that's a pretty typical reaction.

As for 'wingnuts' who think Saddam was behind 911, I've never heard of one, it's only one of the left's many fantasies. Now do we think you're terrorist loving wimps, we just see that you don't understand what we're really dealing with here, and your viewpoints and proposals would blindly lead to that conclusion.

Maybe we could develop a healthy debate here? And Jan, as you can see, I use my real name; ALL of it.

I agree that impeachment is a waste of time. Time and resources could be better spent than trying to oust a President that will be gone in a year anyway. The articles would certainly go through, but a conviction from the Senate is highly unlikely (and who presides over a presidential impeachment again? How did John Roberts attain his current position again?). However, I don't think that Cindy Sheehan's efforts are a waste of time. It is certainly better for the arena of public debate to have a figure who is not a civil servant, but has a definitive stake in the outcome of the war. Personally, I don't agree with most of what she says, but her presence puts a civilian face on the issue. Regardless of the reasons for going in, because that issue has been beaten to death. I support the ousting of Saddam, though the justification was ridiculous; all you had to do was look at Saddam's past and present activities, he's someone that from a purely humanitarian point of view should have been removed from power. Which we did, in a short period of time with minimal combat casualties. But removing Baath admins? Dismantling the Iraqi army? The goal here is stability immediately after you just decimated their country, and you remove a substantial portion of the government and security force in the name of stability? As if Iraq is just teeming with competent civil servants waiting to take their place in the government, or as if it's a good idea to unemploy many thousands of men, who are now angry, on the streets, and are highly trained fighters. If our objective in the war was to oust Saddam, then we won. If it was to oust him and then maintain stability, we dropped the ball. The troop surge seems to be failing, but quite honestly, we all know that President Bush will never admit that his war strategy was ever, at any point in time, a mistake. No President would ever do that, Dem. or GOP.

No. Bush met with her once before, but he did not meet her outside the Prairie Chapel Ranch, though I think he tried sending other members of his cabinet and such. Since then, she's been protesting all over the U.S. and around the world. I think your comment points to the heart of Cindy Sheehan's publicity; her "peace camp" was the peak of her public exposure, and it has been sliding downhill ever since.

Ms. Sheehan embodies a true love for her country and family, if only my fellow Cvillians would find even a fraction of that compassion in their actions -- instead we get hateful messages that seek to embitter the world. tell the truth! Ms. Sheehan began with a very unpopular message a few years ago. Now her position is shared by the majority of this country and certainly the world.

I don't know whom you refer to when you say "hateful messages," but my points are purely objective. Her message was never "unpopular," as a large percentage of the U.S. opposed the Iraq war from the beginning. Of course people sympathize with Sheehan, and they should, but it should not be the case that opposition to Sheehan's actions, particularly her calls to action on issues such as impeachment, is tantamount to hatred and indifference to the loss of her son, or the loss of any soldier for that matter.