Storm postpones Ryan Adams show

A storm along the east coast kept Charlottesvillians from seeing Ryan Adams at the Paramount Theater yesterday evening. According to promoter Starr Hill Presents, the weather grounded Adams' flight from LaGuardia Airport on the tarmac for over five hours and the singer-songwriter didn't get off the ground until 9pm, landing at Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport at around 10:30pm– three hours after his management and Starr Hill had called off the show.

Concert spokesperson Kirby Hutto stuns the crowd with
the cancellation announcement


"We didn't think it was fair to keep everyone waiting when we didn't know if he was going to make it," says Starr Hill's Kirby Hutto.

The Paramount has already announced plans to reschedule the show, and Hutto says he hopes to announce the new date later today, which he says will likely be in September. All tickets sold to last night's show will be honored, and those fans who will be unable to attend the rescheduled concert can receive refunds.

The Paramount gig was to have been Adams' first after a 10-day break from the road, and the alt-country star was set to touch down in Charlottesville Monday night, along with his road crew and his touring band the Cardinals, who arrived by bus. However, Adams' travel plans changed when a meeting with members of the New York media got moved to Tuesday morning, putting him at the mercy of the Federal Aviation Administration and unrelenting winds.

"In hindsight, we should have driven him down in a limo," says Hutto. "It would have gotten him here in the time he spent on the runway."

Until recently, Adams had a history of cutting shows short or skipping them completely, which he has recently admitted was due in part to addictions to cocaine and heroin. The most infamous of these instances was a 2002 show in Nashville when Adams left the stage and refused to return after a fan shouted out a request for "Summer of '69," a song made famous by Canadian pop-rocker Bryan Adams. Hutto dismisses any idea that the Charlottesville postponement is a sign that Adams has backslid.

"He's not drinking; he's not into drugs; his sobriety is still good," he says. "This was all out of his control."

Tonight, Adams is scheduled to play in Louisville, Kentucky, where officials at the Brown Theatre report the show is still a go.



Okay, okay! We get it, Not Happy. You're pissed off with Ryan for getting the show cancelled. So, don't come to the rescheduled show and let a real fan have the seat you would have been sitting in. Yeah, bummer it happened, but some of us are able to accept it, move on, and remain excited to see our favorite artist whenever we can.

Anyone have tickets for the Sept 13th show?

in the pic to the left, the ticket office guy looks scared for his life... pretty funny composition

Last time I checked, the TSA wouldn't know anything about delays out of LaGuardia or any other airport. Delays getting through security perhaps, but once people get past them it's all FAA.

Again, S*** happens. Enjoy the rescheduled show.

Anyone heard anything about the rescheduled show?

Okay, it's been a week and still no reschedule date? PLUS, take a look at the article below, and somebody please continue to tell me not to blame the artist?!?!

So he boarded a 4 p.m. flight at LaGuardia to get to an 8 p.m. show in Charlottesville? Assumptory and unprofessional. Clearly meeting with the media was deemed more important than ensuring his presence at a show that had been sold out for weeks and upholding his obligation to loyal fans. Starr Hill actually was taking steps to stall by putting on an unbilled local "opening act" at 8 p.m. until ticketholders got wind of things and started applying pressure at the box office.

Neither assumptive (assumptory isn't a word) or unprofessional. Quite the opposite - it's the norm. It's very typical for artists of his stature and above to fly in and out of town for a show. Clapton arrived in Charlottesville at 6 o'clock for his show at JPJ. The Stones almost never actually stay in the city they're playing in when they tour America.

Jeez, things like this happen. Why do people insist on assigning blame and sinister or fraudulent intentions? Do you really think Adams just decided to screw the fans of Charlottesville, or did he perhaps reasonably think he could meet with the media and get here in time? Have you never been stuck at an airport? Blame the weather, not the traveler.

No one was "applying any pressure." we took those photos up above & were tehre before doors were supposed to open. It sucks but stuff happens.

Ask the promoters what time they knew Ryan was stuck. Ask them what the TSA was saying about average length of flight delays out of LaGuardia. Ask them if they were working to put on an "opening act" without telling fans he was still in New York and probably not going to show. Ask the staff in Paramount's box office if a ticketholder didn't raise this last question inside (not at the outside location in your photos) at 7:30, and if the show wasn't cancelled about 10 minutes later, coincidence or not. Listen, I'm as big a Ryan fan as anyone; this would have been the fourth time I've seen him live, and I was really looking forward to it. But let's face it, he isn't Eric Clapton or the Rolling Stones, and booking a last-minute commercial flight (when, yes, they are delayed now more than ever: to suit your media schedule doesn't exactly demonstrate that he put his fans first. "Stuff" certainly does happen, but this was entirely preventable. According to the article above, everyone needed to put on that show as scheduled was present except for the artist himself.

Don't blame the artist.