Progress steals (but improves) story

The Daily Progress, which has a habit of lifting story ideas, sans credit, from local blogs, swiped another one this morning from Waldo Jaquith's blog but did deliver a complete and nuanced view of the topic: alleged racial lending disparities.


The Hook: Raising the backhanded compliment to an art form...

Yeah, because THIS article, featured in this week's Hook, didn't have anything to do with Waldo's blog. I know that the author got all the quotes from Waldo and Mr. Zimmerman from long, lengthy interviews with them and extensive background research, right? Because the Hook would certainly never get a story idea from a blog. That would be lazy reporting. Blogs and newspapers must never cover the same thing.

Wow. Nice ad hominem attack. Let's say the Progress did "steal" the story (which, according to your logic, Waldo "stole" from the N&O). Is the Progress supposed to ignore something so damning as Cville ranking last in that survey!? Not reporting it would be the crime. I expect the Hook to NOT cover the fact that Cville has the nation's highest racial disparity in subprime mortgages.
Sheesh. Grow up guys.

I'm glad people are starting to notice that this fine little village is really just a cesspool of racism and criminal shenanigans. Go Village. Nightly bar shootings, gangs attacking people on every downtown street, and no parking zones in certain areas.

What happened to the good old days in the perfect world where TJ just sat around with some "friends."

Hey, you'll hear no objection from me. All I did was point to a story that had already appeared in a different market. It's good and right to credit story sources, when they're first movers in a given market, and if they'd picked it up from a different blog, I might feel differently. But from It's cool.