DP on 9 bike-car collisions: ‘fairly infrequent’

The Daily Progress, in today's otherwise sympathetic piece on a recovering victim of a car-bike collision, declares the horrifying tangle of thousands of pounds of steel and a human two-wheeler statistics to occur "fairly infrequently," even though nine of them have been reported in Albemarle since 2005!


I enjoy both riding a bike and driving a car in this town (but at different times) the most problems I have is getting angry at other bikers for running red lights and giving me a bad name as a bicyclist. It upsets me but I am not able to do anything about it at the time, without hauling up to them and telling them that they are making it harder on me because of their disregard for the rules. I've had drivers yell at me for no apparent reason other than they hate me because I'm on a bike. We don't need more people with hate in their hearts. So bicylcist do what you can to follow the rules of the road, and don't think no one is watching or it doesn't matter because your on a bike. It matters to the next bike rider coming up behind you in envious traffic for what the previous biker did at that light,,,etc,,,etc,, on and on

As a daily bicycle commuter, I see a proportionate percentage of drivers blatantly breaking the law - impoper passing, speeding, failing to signal, rolling through stop signs and running red lights (as compared to the percentage of cyclists doing the same thing). I get pissed at both groups - the cyclists because they make the rest of us law abiding cyclists look bad and the drivers because they put all the other users of the road at risk.

Cyclists have the same rights to the road as cars but, at the same time, need to realize that they have the same responsibilities. Drivers need to realize that they need to share the road with all other users as it's not there just for them.

As for growing up, getting a job and getting a car - only time will help me grow up, I have a job and I own a car - I just happen to choose to use my bicycle for my daily transportation to and from work.

I agree with Mallfellow. If people are going to complain about riders who flaunt traffic laws, then the riders operating motor vehicles far outweigh the occasional cyclist who may do so. I commute daily up West Main St. (by auto) from downtown to UVA and I see cyclists all the time, and for the most part are obeying all the rules of the road. In contrast, I see motor vehicles blowing through red lights and stop signs every day. It happens at almost every intersection I happen to pass through. I've even seen police cars sitting at an intersection and not pursuing cars who have just ran through a red light. I've yet to see a cyclist barreling down the highway talking on a cell phone, putting on makeup, or eating breakfast at the same time!

And for anyone that bikes, the vast majority of incidents aren't reported. Biking should really be banned around here. If you want to bike, move to a city that does like bikers.

If you think about the number of people who bike around here, and how many of them don't seem to find it necessary to obey traffic laws such as using hand signals, stopping for red lights and stop signs, etc, nine really is a pretty low number. Sounds like you're less likely to get into an accident on a bike than in a car, although of course the consequences of an accident are likely to be far more serious.

Once I was turning from Hydraulic south on 29 in a right turn only lane and I hear something thumping on the right rear fender. Some pedal-pusher was banging on my car and flipping me off because he was trying to go straight from the right side of me, again--in a right turn only lane.

He and I were both fortunate that I couldn't stop at such a busy place, because I would still be in jail for pounding his thick skull into mush, and he would be, well--mush.

I'm for anyone who wants to ride anything--I ride a motorcycle and we don't get seen a lot--but unfortunately there are a lot of bicyclers who think they're immune from the laws of physics, regardless of the laws of the state.

Grow up, get a job, and get a car.