Match UVA’s boffo returns... for $100K

Are you a shrewd investor who yearns for the beefy investment returns that UVA financial managers get in handling the University's endowment? Soon, according to BusinessWeek magazine, you may be able to glom on to the Cavalier strategy... as long as you donate at least $100,000.

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Ah, that ol' Debbil Satan is always in the details. Depending on a fund's investment strategy and tax liability to the IRS, it might take a decade for a $100,000 investor to come out ahead of the game. By contrast, a respectable broker in the current market ought to be able to double your money every 5-6 years. Of course, there is the altruistic component of leaving money to your alma mater, but that doesn't seem to be the prevailing motivating factor with this particular investment plan.