Worlds may collide at ice park

A counter-rally to Cindy Sheehan's anti-war march is scheduled for Friday in front of the Charlottesville Ice Park. Self-described "Pro-victory" supporters will meet at the Paramount at 5:45pm and drift down to the ice park at 6pm– where the get-out-of-Iraq forces, whom they dub "Defeat and Retreat" supporters are gathering.


And you're all welcome to join the pro-victory side. Email me at if you want more information.
Thank you, and thanks to the Hook for announcing the counter-rally as well as the rally.


This isn't about having a winning record so that you can feel real prideful. It's about saving American troops' lives and not wasting them on the extra gas that you use in your Suburban.

"drift down" ? Why not respect that the anti-war folks have a right to express themselves without inserting yourself in what is obvioulsy a desire to disrupt and provoke?

You're just going to look like jerks. Stay in your area and "prove" whatever you want there with your own rally.

and amen to that hooville...

You know, on the one hand I can see the reasoning behind "now that we're in there, we need to do what it takes to win." Nobody likes to lose, especially when the country's prestige is at stake.

On the other hand, we're clearly not winning anything - not the way, nor the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. Our troops are just flat-out getting slaughtered and are asked to fight an enemy that's for the most part impossible to identify. Our troops are ill-equipped to fight the war they're in.

Yet still, in spite of zero, zilch, nada, no evidence whatsoever to support it, about 40% of Americans think Iraq had something to do with 9/11. Now there's a certain percentage who will believe anything and everything Rush, Bill, Sean, or any Republican hack tells them, even if it means ignoring inconvenient facts, and, well, about 40% of Americans identify themselves as Republicans. Coincidence?

So let the 40% make fools of themselves in front of the other 60% when they claim that leaving troops unprotected on the streets of Baghdad constitutes "support." Let them look like idiots when they claim that sending National Guardsmen and women back for a third or fourth tour of duty is the best way to "support" them. And it's definitely okay to laugh at them when they claim that a tax cut is by far the best way to support the troops.

Aside from the spectacle of polar-opposite extremists jabbering at each other and waving signage, what could possibly be accomplished by this public display of jingoism? This war started out illegally and went downhill from there. Can anyone of intelligence possibly believe that two oppoing groups of, at best, middle class Americans in Central Virginia, romping & stomping on the Charlottesville Downtown mall, are going to make any difference in one direction or another, aside from possibly blowing off steam and declaring an arbitrary voctory over the "opposition," whichever side that might be?

This war originated in Washington and will probably only end there, and only then when the profit motive is stripped away from Haliburton and other massive multinationals.

Until then, it seems specicious to think the debate is here in Charlottesville. And yet, for someone with nothing better to do on a Friday evening, perhaps, sadly, marching and chanting Downtown gives meaning and purpose to otherwise vacant and woefully misdirected lives.

Cindy sheehans son is probably spinning in his grave at his mothers stupid antics.

I agree nothing will come of this.

I disagree that we should pull out... unless we destroy everything we built and put these worhtless human beings so far back into the dark ages that they are impotent for the next 50 years.

What kind of a MAN would stand in the streets and cry that the americans didn't protect them from the shites/sunnis whatever. Let them have a civil war... give both sides machine guns and no medicine. Let them all die.

They don't DESERVE our help. They are worthless human beings.

Josh, are you planning to enlist yourself and support the war effort in that manner?

Well said, Music Lover.

And Josh's not a football game.