Who are these alleged credit-card stealin’ shoppers?

Albemarle police are asking for help in identifying happy shoppers believed to be involved in a series of break-ins in the Mill Creek area. These photos came from a security camera at Wal-Mart in Mechanicsville June 4.

Although hard to tell from the grainy security videos, the suspects above are described as a heavyset, black female (in the yellow shirt), a black male, and a white male. And they allegedly followed this haul with a shopping spree at a Richmond Wal-Mart.

Over the evening of June 3-4, six cars were broken into in the Mill Creek/Reynovia area. A Mill Creek residence was burgled May 30. "I believe they're related," says Detective Sean Reeves.

The credit card from the daylight residential break-in May 30 was used at a Cherry Avenue gas station, then the perps feasted at McDonalds before heading over to Staunton. There, they shopped at A&N and Kroger.

Police are asking anyone with information about these individuals to contact Detectives Reeves or E. Espinoza at 296-5807, or Crimestoppers at 977-4000.


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