HookCast for July 19, 2007

Serial Killer?, Over-assessed, Society vs. Skateboarders

Implicated: Serial Killer or convenient scapegoat?
On April 30, 1992, the doors of the Buckingham Correctional Center swung open, and a free man walked out. Nine years after his conviction for the 1982 murder of 12-year-old "Katie" Worsky, who disappeared during a sleep-over, Glenn Haslam Barker had served just half his sentence.
Barker might have settled somewhere and lived out his days quietly. In fact, he claims he tried to do just that. But within a few years, it was clear that his hopes for a life of tranquility and anonymity would continually be dashed.
As Barker moved around Virginia and eventually to New Jersey, headlines reported the furor his presence inspired. Warned by police of Barker's arrival, people picketed in front of his house as television cameras rolled.
Yet if his conviction for Katie Worsky's murder was enough to create fear, his connection to a gruesome double murder in 1996, four years after his release, sent new ripples of terror up and down the East Coast. Courteney Stuart has the story.

In the heated days of a soaring real estate market, houses were never advertised as "priced under assessment." That's because real estate assessments often seemed to be in a losing race with ever-escalating market prices, and houses were more likely to sell for waaaaay more than the tax man's estimate.
Those days are over. What does it mean for home-owners?

Blessed Mother in Nelson?
A Nelson County guru named Master Charles says a "divine female specter" has been personally advising him for most of his 60 years, but she has recently become more active in her visitations. Is the supernatural occurring so close to Charlottesville, or is this a desperate bid for followers– and funds?

Society vs Skateboarders
Fed up with skateboarders damaging the historic marble curb along their sidewalk, the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society has taken action, attaching metal bars to the marble– a move called "skateblocking." But has the Society inadvertently violated Board of Architectural Review rules?

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