Hookcast for July 26, 2007

Kings Dominion, White t-shirts, Fluvanna ad Miranda ON THIS WEEK'S COVER: The People's Park: Kings Dominion always takes you back

The Lion Country Safari, The Happy Land of Hanna Barbera, the Grizzly. A trip to Hanover County theme park Kings Dominion can also be a trip down memory lane. Brent Baldwin pays touching– and hilarious– tribute to one of Virginia's favorite family attractions.

White t-shirt terror
In the past several weeks, more than 10 people have been assaulted by packs of white-t-shirt wearing teens. Are police any closer to bringing the assailants to justice?

Fluvanna and Miranda
If you happen to be an indigent defendant appearing in Fluvanna County's General District Court, don't assume you qualify for court-appointed council. One man recently learned that the hard way, and his mom's not happy either.

Lethal name change
Sheryl Crow famously sang, "A change'll do you good." Has Lethal Wrecker taken her words to heart? One month after one of its massive rollback wreckers lost two of its six wheels and touched off an interstate-closing accident in North Carolina, Lethal Wrecker has a new name– and a new owner.

* Kluge welcomes millionaire neighbors
* Farewell to George Tremontin
* Big changes for Preston Ave?