Two arrests could crack white t-shirt case

Charlottesville police chief Tim Longo announced this morning that following an assault last night on a 34-year-old man, officers arrested two 15-year-old males who could be connected to the recent rash of assaults in the downtown area. In a press release, Longo says his department is investigating "any possible connections to other recently reported assaults in the Charlottesville area that are similar in nature."

According to the CPD's account, at around 7:39pm officers responded to a reported assault near the intersection of Grove Street and the 10th St. SW connector. Soon after, detectives were able to identify one 15-year-old Charlottesville boy and later received enough information to arrest a second 15-year-0ld from Lake Monticello. Both are charged with malicious wounding and are being held in Blue Ridge Detention Center pending a hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Their alleged victim was treated at University of Virginia Medical Center for lacerations to his head and arms and released last night.

No word yet on what makes this assault similar to other recent and seemingly random attacks– including whether the youths were wearing white t-shirts.



i feel safer already.


Mighty Horse, don't feel too safe yet. I very seriously doubt if these are the same kids that have done the other assaults. Unless of course the kids decided to change their hours of operation.

I don't think it's a problem with racial profiling or economic disadvantage or whatever other PC nicety we wish to throw around. Someone assaults you, it's wrong. Cops gotta step up and do their jobs. Communities -- black, white, brown, yellow, green, purple, I don't care... let's quit making it someone else's responsibility -- gotta come together and step out against these crimes. This is our city and we can't let a bunch of kids keep us from enjoying it.

Maybe the leaders of the local black community could try to reach out to these and other troubled youth in the city. It seems like we only hear and see them when the cops are being accused of engaging in racial profiling or when the community is being economically disadvantaged in some way.

...that thinks Chief Tim Longo is a TOTAL hottie?