Jeeps overrun Charlottesville

Some Charlottesville residents may have noticed a shortage of parking in the Water Street area and an overabundance of Wranglers and Cherokees around last weekend. What was up with that?

The Jeep "Go Anywhere, Do Anything Tour" chose downtown Charlottesville for its latest stop on the nationwide promotional campaign. The three day event, which occurred from July 27-29, happened to coincide with with Camp Jeep– a gathering of Jeep owners and enthusiasts out in Nelson County.

The promotional tour was set up to lure pedestrians off the Downtown Mall and into various test models, offering those who were interested a chance to experience the features of a Jeep. An off-road adventure simulator, trail rated driving course, a rock climbing wall, prizes, and free Jeep gear were some of the many tactics used to advertise the company and create excitement about Jeep products.


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Thanks Hook. I'd have been interested in going to that, glad I found out the Monday after. Although, I definitely didn't mind dreary old Manhattan instead.