O’Brien bids adieu; Duffy to say ‘I do’

Genial NBC29 morning news anchor Mark O'Brien broadcast his last "News at Sunrise" this morning and heads to anchor morning news at WTEN in Albany. O'Brien, a UVA biology grad with a Columbia University journalism degree, leapfrogs from Charlottesville's 182 market to a number 56 market.

Meanwhile, former NBC29 morning anchor Beth Duffy, now anchoring the news at the more civil hours of noon, 5 and 6:30pm for CBS19, announces her November nuptials, via a last-Sunday engagement photo in the Daily Progress, to Albemarle police Sergeant Scott Cox.

Meanwhile, Norm Sprouse remains the early morning weather king at 17 years and counting.



What an insensitive thing to say about Beth Duffy's engagement. She is smart, lovely, and knows her own heart. Not knowing Mr. Cox, I am still sure that he is quite the catch. I'm sure all of Albemarle county is very proud to have him on their police force and that he is going to be a wonderful husband and companion for Beth.

quote >> I'm sure all of Albemarle county is very proud to have him on their police force....

Yeah. OK, Kelly. Considering the problems law enforcement has recruiting people nowadays, I guess they are proud to have anybody. I don't know Cox that well either, I just think Beth Duffy could have done better. Perhaps a doctor? A lawyer? A bank president? A CEO?

My next thought was... how can you speak for "all" of Albemarle County?

And moving on to another subject, was "all" of Albemarle proud of the 2nd in command at the police department, Captain Hambrick, soliciting juveniles on the Internet for sex a few years back? Or were you even living here then, Kelly? I hope you didn't miss all of the entertainment during that fiasco. Or maybe "all" of Albemarle was proud of their sergeant who was fired for fabricating fictitious speedometer calibrations. Especially the hundreds of people who had received speeding tickets during the time span of fictitious speedometer calibrations? Ohh, I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point.

Methinks Surprised got a speeding ticket and is p-o'ed at all cops now. He/she takes out his/her petty aggression on total strangers and snarks about "doing better." In my experience, people with real lives don't have time or interest to post snarky comments about the marital choices of total strangers...which leads me to believe Surprised is a big L-O-S-E-R.

Eye, the gripe is with the police? Not exactly. I think Beth Duffy could do better than a fireman or a teacher as well. But don't even get me started on all the firemen and teachers being charged with crimes lately. Seems to me a lot of teachers go for underage children. And some firemen set fires (arson).

And yes Eye, Beth Duffy could do much better than settle for the likes of me.

Hidy Ho, yes, I am a big loser. I sure did lose out on Beth Duffy, didn't I? HAHAHA!

who? guess i need to watch more tv.

CC, this is actually pretty interesting news. I would have thought Beth Duffy could do much much better.

Slow news day, babe?

You are truly an idiot. I've know Scott since we attend school together back in the 80's. You know nothing about the man, his character, nor his socio-economic background. You are truly an idiot.

Surprised hasn't done better. Somebody's panties have obviously slipped up the crack.

"Perhaps a doctor? A lawyer? A bank president? A CEO?"
And which are you, Surprised? Or are you saying she could have done better than you, too? One good way for her to find one of those people to marry is to have a prison pen pal! There sure are enough of them there. Perhaps a minister? A professional athlete? A government official? A Hollywood star? A professor? Got them there, too. I'm sure Miss Duffy is glad she didn't hire you as a professional match maker. Seriously, I have a feeling Surprised would not mind a fireman or teacher. The gripe is with the police.