Dave premieres new song at $15,000 show

Four nights ago, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds played their much anticipated $15,000-per-ticket intimate acoustic show on Long Island. For the high rollers in attendance, the duo busted out a new Dave original. Reportedly tentatively titled "#27," the new tune (if the YouTube video of it is to be trusted) is a slow, bluesy number featuring plenty of slide guitar stylings from Reynolds. The gig was part of a five-part concert series raising money for the Ross School. Prince played the first show on July 14, with performances from Billy Joel, James Taylor, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to come in August.


I can only assume that there's some sort of a misunderstanding with people calling it #27. The only songs that Dave Matthews has given numbers, rather than names, were those early in career that he couldn't come up with names for, so he simply used the order in which he'd written the songs. #34, #36, and #41 being the standard examples. He long, long ago passed #27.

Well, fat lot I know -- #27 appeared on the official setlist for tonight's DMB show.