Amvest building goes to UVA

The Daily Progress reported yesterday that the sumptuous lakefront headquarters of Amvest Corporation, a building valued over $5 million, will be donated to UVA.

In a sale announced in mid-June, it was revealed that most of the company's assets were being sold to Consol Energy, the largest coal producer east of the Mississippi River, with annual sales of about $3.7 billion.

Yesterday's Progress story (although briefly calling the company "Amherst" in a headline) shed new details on the closure of the Charlottesville Amvest office and the nearly 29,000 square-foot structure.



FYI - the building was designed by Jaque Robertson, former dean of the A Schoool at UVA.

What is Consol going to do with the "assets" ????

Um... the assets are mostly coal mines and equipment. Long shot here, Consol will probably use them to mine coal.