Build-a-Bears reproduce like bunnies

Correction: The Fashion Square shop is the first Build-A-Bear Workshop in Charlottesville. The others, such as "Create a Critter" at Hobbytown may be what Build-A-Bear company lawyer Bill Alvey, a self-described "bearrister," calls "impawsters." Alvey notes that the Build-A-Bear company was founded in 1997 and now has over 250 stores in North America, plus about 30 in the U.K. and France, plus another 20-30 franchised stores.

Original post: Nearly three years ago, a Build-a-Bear workshop opened in the Townside Shopping Center (the place many folks call U-Heights). That one closed down some time ago, and then bears sprang up at Seminole Square in the Hobbytown U.S.A. shop in Seminole Square, and they're still at Hobbytown last time we slipped in for some kite string. But get this... someone thinks that this town is big enough for dueling bears– and that this concept is worthy of the high-dollar rents out at Fashion Square mall. For those not familar, this is a birthday party favorite of kids in the ages 2-9 zone. The little urchins pick out an empty teddy bear body, and watch in delight as a highly-trained technician pumps it full of synthetic stuffing– good times!

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This is a hilarious line from the press release linked to: "Build-A-Bear Workshop is based on the premise that nearly everyone, regardless of age, has a special fondness for stuffed animals."

When adults have a "special fondness for stuffed animals" don't they call them Furries or something like that? I seem to recall a CSI episode regarding that.