How hot is it?

Charlottesville made national news this morning when the Today Show reported a high yesterday of 153 degrees, at least according to the SunTrust marquee at Albemarle Square. Had that temperature been accurate, people would have been bursting into flame, observed Al Roker, Today Show weather guy. The actual high yesterday was 92 degrees, and SunTrust hopes to have its thermometer fixed...soon. Look for a toasty 101 degrees today.


It is hotter than the blue flames of hell this very moment. Having just returned from a luncheon, I noticed the soles on my almost-new loafers were turning soft as I crossed the parking lot. Well sports fans, when your shoes are melting, it is too damn hot.

Calm down... both of you.

You thought that apocalypse rumor was a joke?

Mother Nature ain't no fool.

And she will not be messed around with.

Of course, payback is hell and well........ well, can you dig it NOW?

RisingPhoenix, I've told you once and I'll say it again: you are one seriously sexy beyotch.

It may be hot outside, but you are Damned Hot. Yow.

And that's a natural fact.

Boom, shaka-laka, laka. Boom, boom, boom.

Mmmmmmmmmm, baby.