John Gardner has died

John Gardner, the man who picked up the torch for Ian Fleming by writing 16 of the swashbuckling James Bond novels, died Friday in Basingstoke, England at the age of 80, according to an obituary in this morning's Washington Post. Gardner lived in Charlottesville during much of the 1980s and 1990s.


Very sorry to hear about John's passing -- Simon(his son), Alan Bittman and myself were three inseparable friends back in the day, and always enjoyed spending time and spinning yarns at the Gardner's, with both John and his lovely wife Margaret, also deceased. Thanks for the memories, and rest in peace!

I was surprised when I picked up one of Gardner's Bond novels and found reference to a sundial that was on Grounds. As a student, I had to find the sundial before I graduated. Thanks for letting us know.