Grateful Dead inspire Nelson logo

It's hard to one-up the best location promo of all times– Virginia is for Lovers– so two Nelson County women went with the flow and hatched, "If Virginia is for lovers, then Nelson County is Virginia's love child," the Nelson County Times reports. The logo adopts a groovy, psychedelic style inspired by Dead posters that does seem to capture a certain je ne sais quoi of our quirky neighbors to the south.

Nelsonites Jenny Sioux Hopkins, a landscape designer, and artist Debra Justice were not moved by the brand and logo South Carolina-based Arnett Muldrow & Associates collected $7,600 for designing: "Due Nelson." (Apparently that has something to do with the concept of the journey being the destination.) Whoa, that's way too obtuse for us! We vote for "Nelson County: Virginia's Love Child."

[Pop quiz: Does anyone remember the branding strategy the Charlottesville Albemarle Convention and Visitors Bureau unveiled late last year?]

Look for Love Child t-shirts at the farmers' market and Nelson festivals.


Ya'll got yer hippies and yer hillbillies mixed up - and there IS a difference!

I love it! It is perfect for Nelson County - the place I hope to call home one day!
Congratulations to the designers for creating something unique, memorable, and fun.

Robert Crumb you idiots!!!

Nelson County is a horrible place. Take it from someone who is a life-long resident. Ya'll don't want to come out here!!! Ooooooooh, it's terrible. We don't know how to drive or talk or anything!!! Everyone should stay away and not move out here!

What a great slogan - that's perfect! But Dead posters? You mean the old Fillmore posters? Heck - you could barely read those - this is downright legible.

yes. I'm now quite certain. you do, in fact, possess characteristics consistent with the tendencies of a hippie chick. I'll stand by the original stocking art in both concept and composition.