Serial rapist arrest?

Is this the news we've all been waiting for? A "multi-jurisdictional" press conference involving the Albemarle County, City of Charlottesville and University of Virginia Police Departments along with the Commonwealth Attorneys from Albemarle and Charlottesville has been called for 4pm at the County Police Department. While no further details have been released on the reason for this high profile meeting, sources close to the Albemarle and Charlottesville police departments hint its purpose is to announce an arrest in the serial rapist case.

Among details the Hook has unearthed: the arrestee works at the Harris Teeter. While a manager at the Barracks Road store declines comment, he suggested the public relations department in Charlotte, North Carolina would be prepared for the call. Unconfirmed reports suggest the perpetrator lives in the Woodbrook neighborhood and is married. Albemarle County Lt. John Teixeira would neither confirm nor deny the arrest, but other sources close to the various departments confirm the arrest is related.

The serial rapist struck at least a dozen times between 1997 and and 2005, using a terrifying M.O.: he'd hide inside a victim's house, and upon her arrival home, punch her brutally in the head or face before sexually assaulting her. In 2002, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo warned the serial rapist's violence was escalating, and cautioned residents to lock their doors and windows and to exercise caution.

Police realized the attacks were linked in 2002, after the DNA database spearheaded by Charlottesville Police Captain Chip Harding showed the attacks had been committed by a single perpetrator. According to police, at least two victims described their assailant's unusual eyes: they were "unnaturally white," the women said, and one called them "slightly bulging." Police released the accompanying sketch (left) of the rapist in 2003.

Despite those eyewitness accounts, the case has vexed law enforcement, especially since the attacks have subsided in the last couple of years, leading some to speculate the rapist had moved away or had been incarcerated for an unrelated crime.



10 years to identify and arrest a serial rapist?

I'm not impressed. Sorry.

Harding spearheaded the DNA data base!? Sorry, the thing existed long before he seemed to notice it.

29 just showed his photo, sure looks like the guy.