HookCast for August 9, 2007 (a few days late)

An unusual pasttime, Airport wars, Mortgage implosion

An unusual pasttime: The hardships of the simple life
Logan and Heather WArd were tired of living life on the fast-track in New York. But whereas many a high-powered Manhattanite would simply purchase a country home or just take a vacation, the Wards decided to escape the "cult of the future" by escaping to the past– 1900, to be exact. A new book details their year in history on a farm near Staunton.

Jet blues: Richmond airport steals CHO thunder
Richmond International Airport dedicated its brand new, $178 million, two-story terminal on July 30, a 155,000-square-foot behemoth that attests to the wonders of low cost airlines. It's a phenomenon that seems to be putting a dent in airports– some closer to home than others– that have long carried Charlottesvillians.

Mortgage implosion: National disaster strikes home
Last week was the worst work week Todd Hawkins has ever experienced. His employer, American Home Mortgage, closed its doors and declared bankruptcy after a two-week downward spiral, leaving Hawkins, his wife Angela, and eight other local employees out of work and scrambling for money to fund loans on houses that were supposed to close, some within hours. How it happened is evidently not a local phenomenon.

Early release: Beebe to go free next month
Although back in March Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Edward Hogshire sentenced William N. Beebe to 10 years behind bars– with all but 18 months suspended– it seems Beebe won't serve event that abbreviated sentence for his role in a 1984 sexual assault in a UVA fraternity house. How can he be released so quickly? The law mandated he be sentenced under parole laws from 1984.


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