DNA evidence obtained before arrest

Authorities confirm the supposition in today's Hook cover story that they had already obtained DNA belonging to serial rape suspect Nathan Antonio "Toni" Washington before his arrest. That was enough to get a warrant for Washington, who was picked up around 1am August 13.

"The judicial officer felt there was probable cause to move forward," says Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Camblos, left, with Albemarle Detective Chuck Marshall.

For anyone wondering why Washington has not yet been charged in the five other alleged sexual assaults linked to the serial rapist case, authorities say they are waiting on lab tests taken from Washington while in custody to come back from Richmond. Those samples will be admissible as evidence.

"We feel very comfortable with the evidence we have in the Webland case," says Camblos, referring to the August 18, 2004, attack in a neighborhood off Hydraulic Road.

Washington was scheduled to appear in both Albemarle and Charlottesville courts this morning, but his appearance was postponed. Washington has retained defense lawyer Rhonda Quagliana, who requested that both hearings be continued to next week. He will be in Albemarle court at 9am next Thursday, August 23, says Camblos, who briefed reporters outside the general district court.

The Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney office did not have a new court date, but said that Quagliana did not request a bond hearing.

Quagliana has represented high-profile defendants such as 12-step rape apologist William Beebe, Kurt Kroboth, who was convicted of attempting to murder his wife while he wore a vampire mask, and wife-killer Anthony Dale Crawford.