Red Light signs the Decemberists

Hyper-literate indie rock fans of Charlottesville rejoice! Though it has yet to be announced on the company's website, Red Light Management confirms that it has landed the Decemberists as its latest client. Last year, the Portland, Oregon-based band released their fourth album, The Crane Wife, a blend of progressive rock and seafaring ballads using 19th-century vocabulary that quickly became a critical darling. NPR listeners voted it the best album of 2006, ahead of releases from such heavy hitters as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Waits.

Says Red Light executive Bruce Flohr of the signing, "We've become an oasis for good bands who are disillusioned by a disintegrating record business. So, we have good taste, we sat down and talked to them, and now we're managing the Decemberists."

Is a Charlottesville concert date in the works? "I'm sure there will be at some point," says Flohr. "We want to show off all our bands to the community."