Requiem for a dam

The dismantling of the Woolen Mills dam was supposed to go slow. At 10am Wednesday a few blocks were missing, but by 5pm, the midsection of the historic dam was in rubble. Since the dam's demise has become imminent, a steady stream of folks have been hiking down the Rivanna Trail for one last look and to pay their respects. Yesterday, one of those visitors came too late. "It's been here all my life," the man remarked to the Hook. "It's like a member of my family."

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Great idea, Cville Eye, but not a chance. The story has already taken a rather unpleasant turn. The vultures have circled and landed. The historic dam is being sold off and will leave its home for parts unknown.

History and plaques in the Woolen Mills? Who cares about that romantic stuff when there's commerce to be made? If there is a commemorative kiosk, just make sure it's as faaaaar away from the actual Woolen Mills as possible-- like behind State Farm Insurance for instance. The poor clueless neighborhood folks that supported the dam's removal in good faith now have a bitter pill to swallow.

Perhaps portions of the dam can be reconstructed in somebody's yard with accompanying plaques that explain the history of the dam and the Woolen Mills Area. Similar to the London Bridge

Thanks for posting this requiem, which accurately represents how most people actually feel about seeing the dam go. The dam is much-loved by many, many people. Although we voted as a neighborhood to support the breach, and felt it was the best thing for the environment, this was a decision made only after very serious consideration by everyone.