Bush twin Charlottesville-bound?

It's been a year since Henry Hager started the MBA program at Darden, but with today's announcement that he and White House daughter Jenna Bush are engaged, it seems likely that Ms. Bush may be spending time in Charlottesville. Could she even be moving down?

Hager, 29-year-old son of former Republican Lt. Governor John Hager, and 25-year-old Bush reportedly met around the time of George W. Bush's second inauguration in January 2005. The pairing had both families' blessings, according to a report in Style Weekly. President George W. Bush once nominated John Hager to be assistant secretary for special education and rehabilitative services, a position in the Department of Education. Henry Hager, a one-time White House aide, was an intern for Karl Rove in 2003.

In December 2005, Jenna visited the Hager clan for Christmas at their home in the venerable Windsor Farm neighborhood in Richmond. Since she met Hager, a graduate of Richmond's St. Christopher's School, Jenna, once known for her raucous party-girl ways, seems to have settled down.

Recently, Jenna and her mother, First Lady Laura Bush, announced plans to co-author a children's book about a little boy who doesn't like to read. And Jenna has another children's book already in press: Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope, about a 17-year-old single mother with HIV living in Panama.

Hager did not return the Hook's call, and a spokesperson in the First Lady's press office declined to comment on Jenna's possible relocation.



Hands off Bab's Johnny G. She only has thighs for me.

And so it seems Jenna's federally-protected wetlands are no longer open to public drilling.

Sounds like a match made in hell. Maybe they should consider moving there instead of here... On second thought, perhaps it would be fun seeing Jenna trip, fall, and land flat on her pampered kiester after getting snockered at Ten or Blue Light. That'd make my year.


Have to agree with Dan on this one. Yikes.