Dylan and Costello coming to the ‘Jack’

The University of Virginia and Live Nation announced Monday that legendary eclectic folk-rockers Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are coming to the John Paul Jones Arena Thursday, September 27, at 7pm, joined by Blue Note artist and Philadelphia soul-folk prodigy Amos Lee. Dylan will play with his full band, while Costello will be playing solo for the first time in 12 years.

It's been a long time since either Dylan or Costello has played Charlottesville: 16 years for Dylan and 23 for Costello. But their last shows will certainly not soon be forgotten. Costello's 1984 scheduled solo appearance at U-Hall sparked an infamous rumor when Dale Kutnya, a disc jockey at university station WTJU, announced on air a few months before the show that the strummer had died. The hoax traveled all the way up the news food chain to the pages of the Washington Post and New York Times and was not dispelled until the next day.

Dylan's 1991 show at U-Hall was largely lambasted by his fans. A stoic and somber Dylan reportedly didn't even make eye contact with the crowd, let alone speak between songs; instead just occasionally offering the floor a wad of spit from his shadowy, hatted visage.

Fans are hoping this time around will be slightly more upbeat. Dylan's tour is currently hyping his upcoming release on Columbia Records, a three-CD box set of his classics due out October 1. A few weeks before his JPJ show, the Dylan biopic I'm Not There is set to hit theaters. The movie reportedly features everyone from Heath Ledger and Richard Gere to Cate Blanchett portraying the "song and dance man" at various points in his career.

Tickets for the show go on sale Saturday, August 25 at 10am and are available at Plan 9, as well as at the JPJ box office, by calling 1-888-JPJ-TIXS or ordering through the arena's website. Some students will be able to get in for a mere $32, but it will cost the general public $54.50 or $64.50 to see this Hall of Fame showcase. Although there are no guarantees that September's concert will be hoax- and saliva-free, shows like this only come around once every few decades.



"sometimes I wish that I could stop you from talkin
when I hear the silly things you say
I think somebody better put out the big light
cuz I can't stand to see you this way"

Luv me some Elvis

Alex Jones, of course. Problem is, he's absolutely, verifiably, correct. And so are all the experts he interviews. 'Nother problem is folks like you, who believe in conspiracy theories (as opposed to facts which some would rather not face). Haven't we been through this like, a million times?


Have you ever wondered who is behind all of those conspiracy theories?