Follow drought (and deluge) with RWSA

Now you can follow the drought (or deluge) by visiting the Rivanna Water & Sewer Athority website. Today's sample:

08/21/07 Level Rainfall Yesterday
Sugar Hollow -7.8' 0.92"
Ragged Mountain -2.1 0.19"
South Rivanna Full 0.26"
Beaver Creek -1.3 0.50"
Totier Creek Full 0.10"
% Reservoir useable volume: 90.6%
(Level and rainfall measured onsite at midnight)

8/20/07 Flow
South Rivanna 7.285
Observatory 2.345
North Rivanna 0.343
Total flow: 9.973 Total demand: 10.398

8/19/07 Flow
South Rivanna 6.777
Observatory 2.157
North Rivanna 0.340
Total flow: 9.274 Total demand: 9.251


Where's the crisis??

What the hell? We still have 90.6% useable reservoir volume ~~~and~~~ mandatory restrictions?

What am I reading wrong? Or are they simply looking for a good excuse to raise rates again this year?

I've had my water hose on ever since they issued the drought warning. It's about time for me to go fishin in my pond now.