Grand jury indicts Washington on 6 counts

A Charlottesville grand jury indicted serial rape suspect Nathan Antonio "Toni" Washington August 20 on charges stemming from a November 11, 2002, attack on a woman in the Willoughby subdivision.

Washington is charged with rape, forcible sodomy, attempted sodomy, malicious wounding, breaking and entering, and robbery. When arrested on August 13, Washington was charged with two counts: rape and B&E with intent to rape.

Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman refused to confirm the indictments yesterday, but today he did send out a press release about the secret proceedings. The release says he expects to request additional charges against Washington in the cases to which Washington has allegedly been connected.

Police have long said that DNA tied the serial rapist to seven attacks. One of those, the August 2004 sexual assault of a woman on Webland Drive, will be prosecuted by Albemarle County. And the serial rapist has been a suspect in other attacks in which there was no genetic evidence.