RIC announces Fort Lauderdale service

In its continued rise to budget powerhouse preeminence, the Capital Region Airport Commission announced August 22 that JetBlue will begin daily non-stop service to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport from Richmond International Airport starting November 1. This cuts the drive in half for any Charlottesvillians accustomed to hopping JetBlue flights to the Florida metropolis from Dulles.


As if we had the money to even drive to Dulles, let alone fly to Florida. Even on JetBlue. G.D. jet-setters.

At least that's one Jet Blue flight that doesn't require a transfer at JFK. Never, never again. Whatever genius stood up at a Jet Blue board meeting and said "hey, I know - let's set up our hub at the airport with the 2nd highest rate of flight delays due to weather!" should be taken out and shot. Or forced to spend 4 hours a day sitting in a plane on the tarmac in New Haven.