‘ewwwww!!!!!’ - Beebe comment gets blogged

3:45pm August 30 update: The links below for the two pages on the blog revealing the personal comment and the attack on the lawyer's garb have broken today, as the pages were unceremoniously removed from Seccuro's site.

Soon-to-be released sex offender William Beebe outed himself two years ago as a sexual marauder. Now, his victim reveals that he also outed himself as someone who'd make a personal comment about her appearance. In an email, he allegedly recalled that she was a "natural blonde," to which Liz Seccuro responds, "ewwwww!!!!!" It's all part of her new blog, where she goes "to clear [her] mind, muse on the world, shout out an opinion, and daydream." And, in a post entitled "The devil wears... Marshalls?" to critique the fashion sense of the defense counsel.


Wow - I can't believe how important it is for some people to remain in the spotlight. Go on with your life - preferably in private. If you are going to continue to blog, please read up on image resizing.

Just what we need: More Seccuro.

In skimming through her rhetoric, it is diffcult to set aside the notion that Ms. Securro is feeding on this and perhaps even reveling in the attention in some way. She's certainly doing nothing to avoid attention.

I feel sorry for her. Blogging may be no substitute for therapy.

As I have never met Rhonda Quagliana, I will have to take Liz's word that she has a fat ass. I must say that is an odd statement considering how distraught she says she was in court. She apparently found sufficient time to ogle Ms. Quagliana's privates.

If past behavior is any indication, she'll be posting on this Hook blog before the sun sets. Or someone impersonating her will make a post.

Bloggers write as if this were the end of the matter. But now that he has been released from prison, will Ms. Securro commence a civil lawsuit for damages? That too may get press attention. I wonder if she will hire a publicity agent to make certain that it does? With enough publicity, she might make the talk shows. Has anyone seen her on any talk shows?

I'm specifically impressed with the Michael Vick reference. That definitely adds points to her milking efforts. Sort of like her previous reference to the Duke case, that is before the truth came out on that one. What is next? Senator Craig?, the Taliban?, another Nascar scandal? It is all like that 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing. Another 'twist" comes along and there you have it.