Music scene: Freakfest kicks off countdown to C-Fest

Now that we have our own book, film, and photo festivals, it's only natural that we should have our own music festival. On September 8 at 8pm at the Satellite Ballroom, the first of four mini-festivals gets under way to build awareness of C-Fest, Charlottesville's first music festival, which, according to organizer Lance Brenner, will make its debut next summer.

"My primary goals are to help our talented area bands network," says Brenner, a local songwriter and music producer, "and provide them with the best tools to help them promote themselves and future incarnations of this event."

To that end, Brenner says that all band sets in the four mini-fests leading up to C-Fest will be multi-track recorded, video-taped and photographed by some of Charlottesville's best recording engineers, film-makers and photogs, including sound guys Chris Kress (DMB, Trey Anastasio, Government Mule) & Jeff Romano, videographers Jonathan Shepard & Brian Wimer, and photographer Jay Paul.

The September 8 festival will be called Freakfest and will include fringe-rock and "out-there" acoustic. Next, it's Noble Savages, dedicated to rock, pop, and hip-hop. Then it's an as-yet-unnamed fest dedicated to jazz, jam, and "ambient" genres, followed by Acoustic Mafia, which will focus on original acoustic, Americana, and roots music. Brenner hopes C-Fest will "solidify and shed light on the entirety of one of the best music scenes on the East Coast, bar none."

$10 advance tickets to Freakfest are available on the Satellite Ballroom's website.


I'm well aware of the blues and jazz fests - they're fine but obviously limited. I started C-FEST so that all kinds of Charlottesville bands have a chance to show a larger audience what they do. Yeah, fests are nothing new but Charlottesville has never has a fest that showcases the diversity (and quality) of our excellent original music scene. I hope you'll come to one of the smaller themed fests that lead up to C-FEST so you can experience the difference I'm talking about!



Hopefully, the next one of these actually features a bit more talent.

Wow - so I guess all of those Virginia Blues Festivals, Dogwood Blues Festivals, Piedmont Jazz Festivals, Blues and Brews, and the numerous music festivals that WTJU has put on over the years never actually happened. Man, those were some VIVID freaking hallucinations, though. Especially all those Dogwood Blues Festivals that ran for, what, 6 or 7 years?

Isn't it charming how the young'uns come around and think they invented something? It's like that day my daughter came home from school in the late 80s raving about this new band called "Aerosmith." Kids - gotta love 'em, but still gotta keep 'em off the lawn.

Yeah! You kids stay off the lawn!