Unlike local case, Ohio mom goes free

An Ohio mother who accidentally left her toddler to die in an overheated car will not be prosecuted, according to ABC News. That's quite a contrast to the local case of death by hyperthermia, in which the mom– despite a lack of evidence of intentional infliction of harm– got hit with two felony charges in the death of her nine-month-old son.

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What's interesting to me is that I read this a.m. in an Ohio newspaper that the Ohio mom had had a couple prior incidents of leaving her baby in the car while she went into a place--I think it was her older child's preschool, and she had on two occasions left the baby in the car while going in to pick up the older child. I believe the people at the school had mentioned it to the mom. It was the Dayton Daily News, I think, where I saw the story.

Not that it makes a whole lot of difference, but I thought one of the things prosecutors consider is whether or not there's a history of negligence when they decide how to pursue a case like this. If in Ohio they decided not to charge but here they did...I have no doubt that the exact same facts could be viewed differently by different prosecutorial offices.