Three people shot downtown

In what hopefully will be the endcap to the attacks downtown over the summer, three people were shot Sunday morning after an altercation outside Mono Loco.

Shots were fired in the parking lot between the restaurant and the former H&R Block on Water Street early Sunday morning, and the victims were rushed by ambulance to the UVA Hospital just before 3am. A large grey Cadillac in the lot was the focus of police attention: the front windshield had two bullet holes, the rear right window had been smashed, and officers were assessing damage to the rear of the vehicle. The entire lot was closed off by a police barrier, with evidence markers placed at numerous other points.

The lead officer on the scene, Sergeant Shawn Bayles of the Charlottesville Police Department, said that at least one of the victims was expected to survive: "His wounds aren't very severe. The other one, I don't know," he said. By Sunday evening, two of the victims had been released and the third was in stable condition.

Bayles described the individuals involved as three black males, but declined to give further information due to the pending investigation.


The only place for these animals is jail...

I am afraid, Joe, that there may not be enough jail cells to hold them all. Perhaps that is the ugly secret to explain why this mess doesn't get cleaned up - where will we put them? It is my opinion that they do not deserve to be fed.

Any reasonable person should cry out and stand in defiance against the threat they pose to civilization.

Why don't the people of these troublemakers take care of these people themselves? The moms and dads should be ashamed of themselves. It's making all of us look bad in the eyes of the world.

The Progress reports: "At about 2:20 a.m., the three victims - Zinele Brown, 28, Jarrett Jackson, 20, and an unnamed 19-year-old - were shot while sitting in a car in the parking lot. The incident marks the fourth time Jackson has been shot in the last two and a half years, according to police."

Well I think Jarrett is lucky to have friends willing to hang out with him. He seems to attract bullets.

Somebody needs to put in some hours at the firing range. Dude has been shot 4 times and he's still around? Each time, you know the taxpayer has footed the bill to re-assemble this parasite.

I don't miss when I aim my gun. There is no excuse for poor marksmanship.

It's their own culture, such as it is. Shame on them, indeed.

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You need to have at least one father to be born. What you mean is that the fathers split on these kids after they were born or even before. Just like mine did. I hate what some of my old friends have done with there lifes. I try to keep a job and find a good girl to marry and have kids. Why do they hate so much. Like the,sorry, white people have never done nothing to me. Why would I want to go out at night and hurt them. Or anybody for that matter?

Ben Franklin said it's not easier to do the wrong or lazy thing; in fact, it's harder in the long run (as many of us already know). It becomes easier by habit. Someone needs to be in their lives to explain this to them.

"the endcap to the attacks downtown"? How do you figure that? It's just more of the same, and worse! I read elsewhere that it's the 4th time one of them has been shot in the last 2 1/2 years - if that's true, then maybe the po-lice need to stop looking at him as a victim!

My boycott of downtown continues. In the face of continued violence, I am finding other places to walk, shop, eat, and spend my time and money.

I remember a touching news story, during the Cold War (for you youngsters, we were raised to fear the Red Menace (Communism in general and the Russians in particular. We crouched in school hallways during air raid drills, and some people built bomb shelters. Perhaps we need to have somebody to blame, somebody safe to hate. It may be true that we were misled after all.

It was an interview with a Russian citizen, an old man. "What do you think we want for this world? War? What do you think we want for our children? The same as you want for your children. The Russian people are not your enemies!"

What I would like to understand is just what kind of hell on earth do these demons and the families that continue to spawn them want for us? I know what kind of world they want for their own children, because I see they are very busy making it. Perhaps they should use their energy for some other purpose - struggle to make their way and maintain their dignity like human beings are born to do.

Plus, many of these were fatherless children. The statistics are alarming.

They're not a father just because they knock somebody up. It takes a bit more effort to earn that title. They hate because they're too lazy to work.