Message in a blog-le: Police to hit JPJ

The biggest secret in town is officially out: the Police's reunion tour is coming to the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville November 6. And not coincidentally, the man in charge of the tour, Tres Thomas, who also brought the Rolling Stones, lives in Charlottesville.

The Next Adventure, a Live Nation company, is promoting the tour and announced six additional North American shows today, including Washington's Verizon Center on November 5 and Charlotte at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena on November 15.

Tickets for the JPJ show go on sale Saturday, September 15 at 10am, and range from $52 to $227. They can be ordered at the arena's box office, online, by calling 1-888-JPJ-TIXS, or at any Plan 9 location.

Playing with the Police is Fiction Plane with Joe Sumner, whose dad, Gordon Sumner, is better known as Sting.

Local fans responded to the news with a resounding, "Dee doo doo doo, dee da da da."



Who do you call when the Police are robbing you. Almost the entire lower level is going to be $250 with fees!

$227 per ticket to see a nostalgia act?

I'll stick with Dylan for a clean $75...

Cripes. Even the last row in the stadium rafters will run you (with the exception of a very few, truly crappy seats) over $90. How many lower-cost seats are being set aside for students? I mean, I understand that we're making up the difference for the "cheap" student tickets at least a little bit, but townies aren't made of money. A lot of students have more disposable income than the average working folk in this city. Think I'll be skipping this one. Dylan/Costello really is looking like a bargain, right now.

Possibly the worst pun ever. And not worst in a good way. Worst in a stupid way.