$87.5 million means one less job

Buckingham County resident Tucker Adcock says that splitting an $87.5 million lottery prize means that he can now quit one of his three jobs. He's thusly quoted in an AP story following the announcement Thursday that he and his brother, Bernard, of Appomattox, bought one of the four winning tickets in the $300 million Mega Millions lottery.


The total amount lost on the lottery is less than that lost in casinos and at the poker table. I don't know what goes on at the race track. I feel $5 a week on the lottery is a lot less than what people spend on other forms of entertainment. One CD is over $15. People going to hear local bands each week in town certainly spend more than that.

The lottery is living up to the expectation that it's only for people bad at math.

I'll take that math.