UVA crime stats: alcohol, burglary, sexual assault top list

Update 9/21/07: Apparently, the reason that so many sexual assaults were reported to "other law enforcement agencies" is the result of the federal Jeanne Clery Act, which requires institutions to report crime statistics for offenses known not only to campus police but also to school officials and local police.

"The Clery Act recognizes that victims may not always report crimes to the
police," says S. Daniel Carter, Senior Vice President of Security On Campus, Inc. "In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Justice fewer than 5 percent of female undergraduates who are the victim of an attempted or completed sexual assault report to the police."

In an effort to be as comprehensive as possible, Carter says schools must also report crimes known to school officials such as a Dean or housing director.

"This is also intended to make it less attractive for them to discourage reporting to the police," Carter explains, " since they'll have to report the statistics in either case."


According to the latest data released by the UVA police, there have been 70 reported sexual assaults between 2004 and 2006. Behind liquor violation arrests (272) and reported burglaries (297), that makes sexual assault the third most common crime at UVA. The report also notes that 18 sexual assaults were reported to the UVA police, while 52 were reported to "other law enforcement agencies."

In addition, the report mentions that alcohol arrests are down (125 in 2006 compared to 143 in 2005 ), due to the fact that many of those arrests are made with the help of the Charlottesville City Police in areas away from the University.


Do the alcohol arrests statistics include those at Foxfiled?

Are all sexual assualts rape or are other offenses such as groping included in the tally? Personally, I wish people would go back to using descriptive terms to name the act, such as forcible sodomy, rape, verbal sexual abuse, sexual battery, etc.

Susan, I'm curious--what crime--federal/state--would HAVE to be handled by UVA Police? Don't UVA cops and City Police share that jurisdiction?

Sexual Assault is the 3rd most common crime at UVA but how many perpetrators are arrested, or sanctioned by the school? Oh, that's easy to count - the answer is NONE. UVA has ZERO tolerance for cheating but not for rape. Why?

Also, just to explain the differences in where the assaults are reported: there is a matter of jurisdiction - some assaults MUST be handled by the UVA Campus Police even though one would prefer the Charlottesville Police handle the case.

And if a coed is raped at a fraternity house? He had better apologize and write an effing letter, since there's no law.

Foxfield is in the county.

When they arrest drunks, I don't think they have time to ask them what they do for a living or if they are a UVa student or not.

The cops are very busy rounding up drunks and putting them in a pen where they are watched so they don't choke on their own puke.

Please visit www.uvavictimsofrape.com for a better understanding.

Local city police cannot respond to incidents which occur on campus graounds without first obtaining jurisdiction from campus police. For example, if a woman is raped in Faulkner Dorm, UVA Campus Police have jurisdiction and Albemarle Commonwealth Attorney decides whether or not to prosecute. If the woman wants local police to investigate, even if she requests they investigate, unless the campus police grant jursidiction to the locals, it can't be done. Isn't that a mind-boggling idea.

If a coed is raped in a home on (let's say) Virginia Ave, local police have jurisdiction.