Seccuro: separated at girth

Liz Seccuro blasts the notion that her attacker William Beebe looks like Johnny Depp, but she gets into the pairing pictures game by posting images on her blog of the Val Kilmer-starring-as-Jim Morrison v. Val Kilmer-today-with-spare-tire. (She's the victim of what may have been a 1984 gang rape in a fraternity house in what became known as the "12-step rape case.")


Hook move on, this isn't news and you've picked this carcass clean. What does this has to do with local news or anything. Obsess much?

This is bizarre to you? Someone sadden that Val Kilmer is no longer a stud. Have you never read TMZ, perezhilton, or any other the other online versions of what once was the domain of People magazine. I not sure why that made you feel unclean but to each their own!

I think Hawes is obsessed with the vic. Seriously, I do. What else would explain this? I've checked out her blog today and it discusses other things - just clicked on it and she sure gives the Hook a big shout out. But not news of the day. I agree with WTF and Mrs. Fun - how is this NEWS???? What's next? Vanessa Hudgens?

To wit - what I am saying is that the victim actually has a sense of humour. Imagine that!

My husband is way hotter than that pudgy rapist. This is

I think this sort of says it all....and I agree with her!

How pathetic can this woman be? The sad part is that I actually clicked on the link and checked it out. I feel dirty.

I don't think they consider it news - I think it is more like humor or news of the odd. Or, simply some insight into how freakin' bizarre some people really are.

I usually like you, Hook, but "crime, entertainment" as a heading? And the fact that this woman has those by now old news pix of Val Kilmer before and after have WHAT to do with who her rapist looked like? I'm 100% with you, WTF and Lisa, those pix are so mainstream you are bizarre and/or pathetic for not knowing about the ever popular then/now of celebrities.

Only Hawes Spencer could make news by comparing a convicted felon's hairdo with that of an actor (in ONE movie!) AND then complain that while the victim of the felon's crime didn't agree that the felon's hairdo matched the actor's, she comments that another actor looks different than he used to. WHA??? There's no parallel, AND, who cares???