Strom enticement, intimidation trial begins

The founder of the white supremacist National Vanguard, Kevin Strom, 50, went on trial today for enticing a minor and intimidating a witness– the witness being his wife, Elisha Strom.

In a quavery voice, Elisha Strom, 32, testified about finding her husband naked and aroused, looking at photos of two girls whose heads had been transposed onto naked bodies. "They didn't look right," said Elisha of the girls, who were affiliated with the National Vanguard. "Their bodies didn't match what they look like."

Earlier, in motions regarding the introduction of the photos of the two girl singers, Judge Norman Moon declared that it was not illegal to look at the photos and said, "It's not against the law to sit there naked."

Elisha Strom also told of awaking October 17, 2005, to find her husband looking at images of a little girl. "I didn't know what to do," she testified. "I wanted to talk to someone."

She had the phone in hand when her husband said he wasn't going to let her make a call and then began choking her. "I hit him with the telephone," she testified. His parents took a bloody Kevin Strom to the hospital.

About a year later, after reporting to the police her husband's interest in photos of girls, Elisha Strom was arrested for assaulting Kevin, and she was served a flurry of legal complaints, including a protective order to stay away from Strom. These filings, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Gould, exemplify Kevin Strom's attempts to intimidate a witness.

Also testifying were a 12-year-old girl, who the government says Strom was trying to entice into a sexual relationship, and her mother. Strom allegedly sent the girl anonymous gifts– a sweater and a Tim McGraw CD for Christmas 2005 in a package from "Santa Claus," pink roses and white lilies on the girl's 11th birthday, and another Christmas package in 2006 containing a Peter Pan DVD.

By the time the last package arrived, the mother had become so concerned she took it to the police. "I was really, really uncomfortable," she says.

The Orange County girl and her mother had met Kevin Strom at the United Christian Academy, a Ruckersville private school, where his stepdaughter became friends with the then-nine-year-old. At the end of the 2006 school year, the mother moved the girl to public school in Orange.

The girl's mother testified to an unease around Strom, but the examples raised few eyebrows in the courtroom. Strom gave her pictures of her daughter and his stepdaughter and invited her to coffee. The mom also reported seeing his maroon van driving by her house, seeing Strom one day, near the end of the school year, parking his van and standing behind a tree, and she testified that her daughter spotted him at the Orange County Fair in July 2006.

The 12-year-old alleged object of Strom's adoration told the jury that he'd stopped her in the hall of United Christian Academy and asked why her mother wasn't answering his phone calls. "I told him to stop calling, we weren't going to pick up," the middle schooler said.

The prosecution introduced Strom's computers, which FBI forensic specialists said contained thousands of images. Among the items retrieved was a song to be sung to "Here We Come a Wassailing" with the lyrics, "Once I met a pretty girl, her name was [NAME OF 12-YEAR-OLD]... I will be showered with the kisses of [NAME] and we'll be married." In a second version of the song, the girl's last name had been changed.

"The case isn't nearly as sinister as the government makes it," said Andrea Harris, Strom's attorney, in her opening statement. She portrayed Elisha Strom as "quick to anger" and "violent," and promised the jurors, "I think you'll see he's not guilty, and in fact, no crime was committed."

Judge Moon adjourned for the day in the middle of Elisha Strom's tearful testimony.

Upcoming: The contract between Kevin and Elisha Strom in which he promises to get counseling until he is cured of pedophilia.

Strom faces child porn charges in a separate trial in January.


White Nationalism is a significant movement, especially within English speaking countries and select European states. What we are dealing with is the pre-judgment of a man based upon select bits of information. Kevin A Strom (KAS)has yet to be proven guilty of anything. What KAS may have done was enjoy the form of the female body. Even the author of the 14 words (Mr. Lane) stated publicly prior to his death that he had fantasies about Prussian Blue. Fantasies that "any red blooded male" would have.
In many cultures the age of marriage differs from that of the state of the trial. Even within the USA there are differing "age(s)of consent".
These are great men. If they choose to have fantasies about younger white women, what is the problem? WN supporters world wide should stop being so falsely judgmental and open their eyes to reality. My guess is that these judgmental individuals may not like women, but would prefer the company of men. The various leaders of the original German Storm Troops did enjoy the company of men now and what's the problem? You see? We can make room for everyone in the movement!

Here's a sound clip of Kevin Strom speaking to a counselor named Yoder.

Certain people in Ruckersville have known about this case for more than a year and half. Did you know Kevin Strom was a "volunteer photograher" over at United Christian Academy? He came in and took hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of the children last year and the year before. The school doesn't want anyone to know this information. Even when parents expressed concerns about Kevin Strom they let him continue coming around. The parents of the child victim in this case are not the only ones who pulled their kids out of that school over this.

Strom's attorney practically admitted in court today he had appetites for little girls. His fundamental defense strategy appears to be that no one can prove he acted on these desires. In fact, Strom stalked that little girl for months. He repeatedly drove by her family home, which is located more than an hour away from his own house.

Talk to the school principal about Kevin's presence there last year. The girl's mother was so terrified she would physically go into the school and pick her daughter up out of the classroom to avoid Kevin even seeing her there. Strom waited outside for her every day. The administration knew all about this and never warned any of us about their "volunteer photographer."

Look at a map. Strom's house on Reva Lane is only a few hundred yards from the Christian Academy. After Kevin Strom moved out of the Reva Lane house in July, 2006 he purchased and moved to a house a few hundred yards from another local elementary school.

It's clever of Strom's attorney to sever the charges to make two trials. A jury would not take long to convict him of the enticement charges if they knew how many graphic child porn images were found on his personal computer.

None of this is a secret. Talk to the school. Talk to the neigbors on Reva Lane. Talk to Leslie Cash with the Green County Sheriff's Office. Talk to Kevin Strom's mother. She has known about her son's "problem" for years. His mother runs an anti-abortion "crisis pregnancy" counseling service across the street from the bus station in Charlottesville. Strom's family is worth millions and very well connected in Charlottesville. The former mayor represents Kevin Strom in the civil case he has against his wife.

Talk to Leslie Cash with the Green County Sheriff's Office? Why not talk to the former Green County Lt. who was just arrested on federal charges of interstate prostitution and drug distribution? I don't feel attaching the words "sheriff's office" or "police department" raises any person's level of credibility with law enforcement such as it is nowadays.

Just heard all charges were dropped. They sure dragged his name through the mud, eh?

Look people; 1st I am just now aware of these ... "facts", so I have yet to verify them on my end of things. BUT just so we're clear on stuff -
WE - White Nationalists/White Supremicists - DO NOT! let me repeat DO NOT! accept "this crap" in OUR Circles. If/WHEN "scum" that commits these unforgivable offenses, are discovered - they're gone. They are no longer accepted by ANYONE that is SOMEONE in White Nationalism. Personally I have NO sympathy for rapists/child molestors. And harbor deep resentment to them, and whimsickles of appropriate punishments.

Talk all the crap you want about WP/WS/WN - it's only what you've been brainwashed to believe WE ARE by the same people that put out such filth as XXX movies and Pornagraphy. Do alittle fact finding and and research, and you will see many names of the wrong doers involved in Strip Bars, Porno Movies, and other immoral filth.

Reality is MOST of "us" DO promote Morality and Decency, Truth&Honor&Integrity. Believe it or not. I invite you to seek on your own, and find TRUE White Nationalists - and it aint the Skin Heads running around SiegHeil'ing and beating the crap out of helpless people.

You would say we are fools for judging a man by the color of his skin (which I don't, and know plenty others who don't), or actions of "a few" of that race. Yet, look who is stereotyping now.

Alot of you people need to do a reality check.

Kevin Strom superimposed the pictures of the Nazi pop twins Prussian Blue on lesbian porn. This shows you how sick and twisted the world of white supremacy works. It is frightening to find out what else these girls may have went through. Their mother is just as responsible for parading them in front of this pedophile just for her own fame.

Kevin Strom was always a very strange person. He would go to
these electronics flea markets and look for old video equipments
and other bizzare things that nobody else wanted. In lieu of this
trial it now all makes sense and the pieces come together. What a
sicko we had living in our community!

Shortly after the arrest of Strom, Matthew Downing, the head of the Boston Unit of Strom's National Vanguard, was arrested and charged with coercing a minor into performing oral sex. He and a friend picked up two young girls and took them to their apartment. They refused to allow the girls to leave until they performed sex acts.

Kevin Strom's interest in young girls was well known. While living at the National Alliance's West Virginia compound in the mid-1990s and, later, living with his then-wife Kirsten Kaiser in Minnesota, he hosted a website with a major section devoted to "feminine beauty." As a practical matter, that meant Strom posted scores of photos of attractive, very young white girls, often in bikinis.

If that wasn't enough for embarrassed movement stalwarts, police in Sharpsburg, Md., arrested recent Klan boss Gordon Creal Young, 40, and charged him with seven criminal counts for allegedly forcing an underage girl to perform oral sex on him on two occasions in late October, 2006. Young, who was then still the imperial wizard of the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, also allegedly told the girl on another day that Klan members always strip females who want to join in order to search their bodies for imperfections.

These are just two examples of the hypocrisy that is rampant within the White Supremacy movements. These people like to promote themselves as the "bastions of morality", but the truth is, they are the poster children for degenerate bahavior.