Tragic trifecta: 3rd Shifflett sought

A third brother in the family notorious for dodging felony warrants is now being sought by Albemarle County Police, according to a report on NBC29. Nearly a year ago, authorities conducted manhunts for Jeffrey Shifflett and Elvis Shifflett, the latter of whom they shot at the end of a standoff in a field.


GLO. wouldn't you rather see a story of how once the county police sinks their claws into a person they then go after family members too? It's kinda like the former Charlottesville deputy sheriff (Shifflett) who successfully sued the county police for defamation and false arrest back in 1997. While the suit was pending a police officer attempted to have Shifflett's brother fired at the United States Post Office. This little escapade backfired in the officer's face when a federal arbitrator ruled the county police officer had told two different tales and was being much less than truthful. The arbitrator basically called the county police officer a LIAR. This brother received back pay and benefits for the entire time the case was pending before the federal arbitrator. And the officer is no longer employed with the county police department.

Then they provoked another of Shifflett's brothers into a fist fight at a local restaurant. It's supposedly not important that there were 3 or 4 off duty police officers in this same restaurant carrying weapons and consuming alcoholic beverages when this incident took place (I wonder who drove them home after they started this disorder?). This particular brother of Shiffletts had to kiss their butts and enter into a plea agreement out of fear of losing his good job after 30+ years of good service to the corporation.

You'll see a whole lot more about the county police vs Shiffletts in the days to come. Seems like they have gone after the entire family since the former deputy sheriff sued them successfully a decade ago.

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention it wasn't too long ago several plain clothes officers came into OutBack? With badges and guns in plain view and consuming alcoholic beverages! Too bad Chief Miller and his girlfriend didnt happen to stop in for dinner on this evening. I bet he would have put a stop to this public foolishness real quick.

I'd like to read a full-fledged feature on the Shifflets, how about it Mr. Hook?

Perhaps he's afraid of being shot? It won't be a first ya know!