General to run for Warner’s seat?

Though he recently stepped down as President Bush's top military man, four-star Marine general and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace may not yet be finished in Washington. Since the conservative National Review floated the idea in an October 1 editorial, the Washington Post and the Virginia blogosphere have been abuzz with the idea of the Fort Meyer resident running as a Republican against former Governor Mark Warner (D) for the seat soon to be vacated by the retiring Sen. John Warner (R, no relation). In addition to being a staunch proponent of President Bush's Iraq war policy, Pace was polarizing figure for telling the Chicago Tribune in March, "I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that [the U.S. military] should not condone immoral acts."


Wouldn't it be nice if he just went into making money from a defense contractor like every other retired officer? We need a real senator to stand up for Virginia - not some dilettante who thinks he understands how politics works because he reads the Post. History has been unkind to those who run for U.S. Senate before they hold another elected office, and Peter Pace would be wise to recognize that his career and reputation would become subject to public debate. Mark Warner is organized, well-funded, experienced, and successful. He'll do a great job representing Virginia's interests in the Senate and getting our troops out of the endless Iraqi quagmire. Is the overwhelming "success" in Iraq really what General Pace would run on? Mission accomplished, indeed.

We know they are here and more are on the way !
What is this SAFE HAVEN bull ? ? ?
We know approximately where OBL is ... nuke the area !
Pakistan won't go in and get him ...SO nuke the area !
Pakistan doesn't like it tough ... are they controlling
this war on terror ... or are they part of the PROBLEM ? ?
It is PAST TIME to bring this to an end ! ! ! ! !

As correct as Pace's comments about homosexuals are, he doesn't stand a snowball's chance of beating Mark Warner.

Pace needs to be working on kicking all of those guys who masturbate out of the military because they are casting their seed upon the ground in every military facility around the globe which is far worse than two men holding hands over the dinner table. He also needs to get rid of all of those people who practice birth control because they are not being frutiful and multiplying. That would include the women. How many people would we have left in the military? It certainly won't be a lot of old Republicans because they seem to be hanging out in a lot of bath rooms and chat rooms lately.

If Pace substituted the term "rendition and torture of so-called enemy combatants" with "homosexual acts between two individuals" he'd get my attention. As it is, the only question I have for him is "does that mean homosexual acts between three individuals is a workable situation?" What's he more afraid of - a gay guy or OBL? Seriously - which frightens him more? Gotta be the gay guy, because he hasn't done s*** about OBL.

Brings yet another expanded meaning for "moron," oops, marine. Bush's "poodle" would be a perfect pachyderm candidate.