‘Lie-in’ six months after Tech massacre

The six-month anniversary of Virginia Tech massacre will be commemorated tomorrow on the UVA Lawn as 32 students lie down in protest.
The participants represent the fallen students and teachers whose lives were taken in Blacksburg on April 16. The amount of time they remain still on the ground represents the short period organizers allege it takes for a citizen to obtain a gun in this country.
Though the group began as 32 women from Alexandria voicing their disbelief over the magnitude of the shootings at Virginia Tech, it has motivated local campus leaders, such as the principal UVA organizer of the demonstration, Dillon Hauptfuhrer, who feels deeply affected by the incident because it hit so close to home.
One UVA student whose life was particularly touched by the tragedy is Randa Samaha. Among those lying down tomorrow, she will be honoring her late sister, Reema Samaha, one of the massacre victims.
"Federal and state governments should be proactive in closing mental health and gun-show loopholes," said Samaha in a release. "There may be a cost to doing so, but it is a small price to pay compared to the lives of our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and other valuable members of society."
Two weeks after the killings, governor Tim Kaine closed one loophole which allowed the gunman to get his hands on a handgun despite his history of mental illness.
The student demonstration is actually part of a wider effort started by a group, called protesteasyguns.com which has already staged over 30 "Lie Downs" across the country in major cities and at various universities to raises awareness and ultimately push tighter gun control laws.
Tomorrow's lie-in begins at 5pm in front of Old Cabell Hall.