RWSA continues drought warning

In the face of a continued dry spell and a forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that drought conditions are likely to "persist or intensify" in this area, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority has announced it will continue the current "drought warning" status and advise citizens to continue to conserve water.

"I wish we had better news," says RWSA executive director Tom Frederick, "but based upon our current analysis of the overall situation, we are asking our community to maintain its efforts to conserve our supply wherever possible."

The main concern for the water supply is not the coming winter, when plants aren't taking moisture out of the ground; what has Frederick and others on alert is the possibility of a dry winter like we had in 2001-02. A lack of precipitation during those colder months led to dangerously low reservoir levels in the summer of 2002, which necessitated severe water restrictions despite the fact that the season's rainfall was only slightly below average. A repeat of that scenario could lead to draconian measures to save water next spring.

The good news is that Charlottesville seems to have gotten the message about how to conserve water. Daily urban demand is at an average of 10.1 million gallons per day over the last six weeks, down from 12 million over the same period last year.

As for how long the Charlottesville area can go without rainfall before more severe restrictions are imposed, Frederick refused to guess, nor would he venture any forecasts of his own.

"I can't predict the weather," he says, "and neither can anybody else."



Tom Frederick is Tom Rhetoric from now on.

Mike Gaffney's puppet, a cheerleader who leads by consensus.

In 2002 Rhetoric was yapping his pie hole to the tune of conserve.

Meanwhile, his butt-buddy and Chairman of RWSA Mike Gaffney has added hundred more homes to the water line.

And, golf courses are still being watered. Golf is not even a sport, its men in ugly pants walking. Soon we will be eating off styrofoam in restaurants again.

Dammit Frederick resign. Get the hell out of here you can't make a decision or think for yourself. Do us a favor, beat it, vacate your spot gracefully before your inevitable job termination.

If the City of Cville and the Co of Albemarle share the same water sources then I'm very concerned by the recent decision of the Albemarle County Service Authority to allow County residents to water their trees, shrubs, plants and lawns especially since a mild temp/wetless winter is predicted. Some residents in Glenmore never stopped using their auto sprinklers. I'm curious what protection measures are in place for the communities as a whole?